10 tips to update your home over the summer break

The summer holidays are a great time for homeowners to spruce up their property and prepare for a New Year sale. Cameron Nicholls, Founder and Principal of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents in Abbotsford, shares his top tips on how a little dose of DIY can add significant dollars to the sale of a property.

“The summer break is a great time to update your home and get stuck into any DIY jobs that you just haven’t gotten around to all year. Thanks to the warmer weather, attacking the back shed and garden is a lot more appealing, plus it can add a huge amount of value to your property in the long run,” said Cameron.

Cameron’s top 10 tips for a summer makeover include:

  1. Tackle one room at a time – DIY updates and renovations can be daunting at the best of times, so make sure you approach one area at a time.
  2. Paint your front door – Forget the entire house, simply painting your front door in a statement colour is a great way to make sure your home stand out from the rest. Only houses though!
  3. Update light fittings – Look for shades that work with the style of furniture you already have. A new light shade can not only create a focal point but change the ambience of the room.
  4. Install new blinds – Soft curtains can be easily installed and add a new dimension to any room.
  5. Invest in scatter cushions – Always a winner and a cost efficient way to change the look and feel of a room as the seasons change. Plus it’s sale time!
  6. Bring the outdoors in – Fresh herbs are great kitchen plants and these days you can purchase funky sprouting jars that look great on the benchtop.
  7. Add artwork outdoors – There are so many options from statues, water features, greenwalls to corrugated iron frames.
  8. Clean, clean, clean – Simply cleaning exhaust fans, ceiling fans and air-conditioning units can make a place look brand new!
  9. Update doorknobs and handles – Modern handles make such a difference and are simple to install, could be a job for the kids.
  10. Touch up doorframes and skirting boards – Just like the outside of the house, you don’t need to paint the whole thing. Just focus on the highlight areas that will help to give the place a lift.