28 Days to Sell in 2018

Real Estate is back in full swing for the New Year and Cameron Nicholls from Nicholls & Co Estate Agents in Abbotsford believes that with this New Year you should be able to achieve a sale within 28 days.

Cameron Nicholls, Director of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents says, “Time relates to price, the longer a property sits on the market, the less likely it is to achieve the initial desired price. Remembering that a property’s peak interest is within week two of a four-week campaign, after this, buyers will slowly begin to lose interest.

“The longer the property is on the market creates questions for the buyer as to why it hasn’t sold and doubts will creep in,” adds Nicholls.

Cameron’s key tips on achieving a sale within 28 days:

  • Plan a four-week marketing campaign well in advance of the property’s launch date. Ensuring a multi platform approach covering all bases such as Internet, signboard, brochures, direct mail, social media and print media.
  • Allow sufficient time for due diligence before scheduling a property’s launch date (contract of sale, pest and building reports, strata reports etc.), this way all ducks are in a row and you don’t need to pause the property’s momentum or delay any exchange.
  • Activate a street campaign one week prior to the property’s launch, inviting residents to a ‘premiere viewing’.
  • Communicate with your vendors on a daily basis, providing extensive feedback so if you are required to adjust the price they feel as though you have done everything you possibly can to extract the best price in the current market. A well-serviced vendor is more receptive to your recommendations, allowing for a swifter sale.
  • Also communicate with your hot buyers on a daily basis, providing updates on price, competitor interest and vendor expectations. Similarly, buyers who are serviced well are also willing to work with you to get it across the line in a swift manner.