Cameron’s Touch World Cup 2019 VICTORY!

And that’s how it’s done!

Clearly Cameron can’t wipe the smile off his face! Being the Captain of the Mixed Open’s Australian touch team, it was up to Cameron to lead the side into victory! And that he did!

The team was undefeated in the tournament even while being under the intense 40 degree heat! (One day it even reached 51.8 degrees!) Due to this extreme heat, most games were played in 4 quarters each going for 10 minutes.

The final was against their old rivals New Zealand with the score 7-6 to the Aussie’s. After a slow start to the game Cameron and his team got back on top just after halftime and stayed there until the final hooter.

In a fitting moment, the final siren went whilst Cam was holding the ball. Having now retired from Australian representative duties this was the best way to bow out!

Well done Cameron & team!