The Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Live

In an ever-changing digital world there are so many options when it comes to promoting your business and sharing your real estate expertise. Social media is a great way to grow awareness of your business and provides a platform where you can have direct engagement with local residents in your area and of course past and present clients who follow your page.

Something that we’ve been experimenting with over the past six months is Facebook live videos. The first video was a very daunting process and the more and more we do, the better we are getting at it.

I think the key is to not try and be a perfectionist – It’s raw and real and that’s what people want to see. Don’t get me wrong, we still do our professionally filmed market reports, but our Facebook live videos are designed to grow engagement and our following on Facebook. As most of us are now aware – content is king and video is the way forward.

Here are my tips on what works and what doesn’t when filming your first facebook live!

1. Be prepared with your content – Try to have talking points rather than a script so it’s more natural.
2. Keep it short – I try and stick to a maximum of 10 minutes.
3. Have energy in your voice – Your tone and body language are very important.

1. Get bogged down in it being an absolutely perfect production. Raw is real.
2. Have a low Internet strength as this will affect the image resolution and people will instantly stop watching poor quality footage.
3. Have it in a loud setting

Finally, remember that your video will be there forever and is most likely to be seen by more people after the fact, rather than when you were actually live. Have a bit of fun and show the real you.